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Heeppe Technologies is a  service based private company major serving area in IT(Website Solution) and some particular Engineering support with product supplier. And established in 2012 with a prime time of business. Where worked for the people to better sustainable development for the country. High quality IT (Website solution) and Engineering products supply, service and support given from the root of assurance. Heeppe Technology support to the cost effective product and highest value of service to reduce bad impression on market and build up a strong faith on service in local market. We just encourage our team to making a attractive image on service and support. That’s why Heeppe Technology has slogan where “ Technology We Serve”. We just take over a benefits to effectively reduce the cost, environmental protection, encourage to spread knowledge for the present and future generations by our Sales, Service and support.  Heeppe Technologies has been established with the aim of its innate competitive advantage with enhanced flexibility by research and innovative development.

Heeppe is there, While customers setisfection will encrease day by day with IT service and support. Our service follow as:

  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting
  • Web Design
  • Server and Networking Service
  • Corporate IT service and Maintanance.

Other service and support:

Heeppe Technology offers a broad range of experience and expertise in water and waste water technology products Supply, Design, Operation and Maintenance.  We have an expert team of professionals where from all aspects of water chemistry techniques and environmental and chemical engineering Field. And also  available to offer rapidly take decision and make  solutions to all types of water and wastewater treatment problems. Heeppe Technology supply most advance technology & quality products of water and wastewater treatment with all kind of laboratory equipment support.

Others follow as:

  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Drinking water Treatment Unit
  • Effluent Treatment Chemicals
  • Pumps (Water and Dosing)
  • Laboratory Equipments
  • Laboratory Reagents
  • Solvents
  • Textile Chemicals

As a Service and supporting based company, we will achieve as a better and better fastest growing renown company.